WooCommerce Vs Shopify

WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which is The Best for New E-commerce Business (2017) ?

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(Are you confused after finding out WooCommerce Vs Shopify fighting? Here, top 10 well-researched WooCommerce Vs Shopify facts and comparison can help to get the real picture.)


Why Are WooCommerce and Shopify Trending?


It’s the best time to convert your business in online. Now, most of the business owner are trying to keep their footprint in online business. It’s now a competitive world. So, it’s a burning question, you are up to date with your idea or stay backward? So most of the business owner is now trying to keep the virtual version. Maybe it is amazing to all getting extra money. Who’re starting with online business with proper planning, they’re doing better in this digital age. A lot of entrepreneurs are coming to build themselves with this new idea. So, it’s time to convert your idea for E-commerce business.
After taking the decision to make an online store, we usually start to study, how I can make it more user-friendly and interactive. Those who begun to plan for an e-store. I think they are well-known with the term WooCommerce and Shopify.
In a word to describe WooCommerce and Shopify are the platforms to establish eStore or E-commerce business. But which one will you take to set up your online store? WooCommerce or Shopify? You’ll find a lot of E-commerce based platform in Google. The big question is, which platform should I use for e-commerce business? Among them, WooCommerce and Shopify got the most popularity, and they’re doing well in the E-commerce industry.

WooCommerce and Shopify: Which is the Best?

As a new digital entrepreneur, which platform is better for you? It’s a common question for the starter in the E-commerce business. Another issue is, which one is more user-friendly. If you’re one of them, who is searching the result of WooCommerce vs. Shopify fighting. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve done a lot of project in e-commerce past years with hand to experience. If you want to learn some important facts about WooCommerce vs. Shopify, just take a deep breath and stay with me. Let’s start to compare the two platforms in various perspectives.

WooCommerce Vs. Shopify: At a Glance

With my real-time experience, I know about a regular problem for the business owner. It’s the comparison of WooCommerce Vs Shopify. Though both have the authority in the e-commerce, but in some cases like technical or interaction we’ve to convert one. All of us like to save some money but no compromise to fulfill all the needs of business.
WooCommerce a powerful plugin for the CMS named WordPress. We all know that WordPress is Trending, most used, interactive and user-friendly in the present web world. If anyone wants to start their eStore with Woo-Commerce, they can start buying a web host only.
On the other hand, Shopify is a self-hosted web app to set up your eStore. You’ve just to sign up, and you can start your online business.
I’ve told you above that; both platforms are in vogue to set up your online business. But from them picking best match platform to my business is essential. We’ll cover all the technical and others factor which is necessary to run your business online. I will try to show the real picture to remission your hesitation and take the decision.

Top 10 Comparison:

To learn in depth and take the right decision, just check the comparison below. Get the necessary things to know for building your newly planned E-commerce business. Let’s start.

1. Who Offer Quick Setup?

Firstly, if we differentiate between installation and setup process of WooCommerce and Shopify, we can tell that-
WooCommerce is an innovative plugin of WordPress. And WordPress in the most leading CMS with easy installation and more user-friendly Dashboard. If you want to set-up WooCommerce as your eStore, just select a domain first. Of course! You need a perfect web host and install WordPress with Woo Commerce plugin. Now, maintain your eStore and start your desired online business. Furthermore, the WooCommerce plugin is totally free for everyone.
On the other hand, Shopify is a web app to maintain the eStore, and there is no need to buy host or set up the plugin. Just sign up for their package, and you can start your e-business. You’ve to purchase packages from them to launch your eStore.
Comparison Result: Both are the winner for easy installation, though you’ve to pay for Shopify and WooCommerce is free for all.

2. Who Offer Better Features?

WooCommerce and Shopify both offer interactive features to attract the customer. WooThemes who has built and maintained the WooCommerce. They are active to update and include new features to satisfy the customers. You’ll find a lot of free plugins to customize your website with the changing technology. You’ve no tension to pay anything for the future to maintain your website.
On the other side, Shopify gives you a web app which is also interactive to satisfy your customer. They’ve many built-in functions, and they update it also. But they will charge you for all the things.
Comparison Result: Both WooCommerce and Shopify are the winner for better features.

3. Who Offer Better Looking?

WooCommerce is very popular for their free themes. Though they have many great interactive premium themes, the free one is good enough to start your first presence in the E-commerce world. The free themes of WooCommerce update regularly and customizable and user-friendly.
On the other hand, Shopify also provides the various premium theme. Though they have no free theme, they take the sign-up fees and maintain all of this in every month.
Comparison Result: WooCommerce win in the perspectives of better looking.

4. Who is The Best for SEO?

When you’re launching an online business, you’ve to take the advantages of the search engine like Google, yahoo or Bing. A lot of customers will come by searching some keywords. If you have proper setup and method, it’s an excellent source of regular customers. SEO is a necessary aspect of running a business through online. SEO factors depend on your site structure, content, tags, and keywords.
In WooCommerce we get a lot of free plugins which works excellent for SEO. Most of the post will help your site to rank when Google will able to crawl your site easily. WooCommerce in WordPress works fine for SEO factors.
One the other Side, Shopify can also crawl title tag, tags, and keywords. In some cases, Shopify fails to perform better in SEO. Specialists tell like this with their experience.
As SEO is very necessary for any online business, we’ve to think it very intelligently. Shopify offer SSL certificate for all of their package which is good for SEO (they tell). On the other hand, you can also take SSL for your business in WooComerce website with your host easily with a little costing.
Comparison Result: So, WooCommerce is more preferable in the perspective of SEO than Shopify.

5. Who is better in Price with Features?

WooCommerce is a free powerful plugin for WordPress. It is trustable and easy to customize. If anyone doesn’t know any coding knowledge, he can also maintain WooCommerce without any previous knowledge. But when need to customize for any special needs, then need to hire a WooCommerce expert. It can cost little, but its risk free.
On the other hand, Shopify start their Basic package with $29/month. Advanced Package with $299/month for setup of your eStore. Which seems a little bit high for any start up.
Comparison Result: For better service with easy customization WooCommerce is winner. As WooCommerce is free for all.

6. What is Easiest to Use?

WooCommerce is easy to maintain and operate. User can buy anything with an easy sign-up process, and the UI of WooCommerce theme can interact users.
One the other hand Shopify is also easy to use with their web apps.
Comparison Result: Both are winner.

7. Customization for User Need:

All of us needs some customization to run with any prebuild theme or apps. In this sector, WooCommerce has opportunity to customize the theme to change the looking with your requirements. Moreover, you can build plugins for your needs. It is a great option to compete your business with the changing technology and psychology of the customers.
One the other side, with Shopify you’ve no chance to customize with your needs all the time. You’ve no freedom in changing all the things to make better or user-friendly with your Geo or needs.
Comparison Result: For the customization, WooCommerce gets 100% user feedback and win.

8. Security:

Security is an essential issue for e-commerce websites. Without giving better security, customers will blame you in many cases. They’ll not come back again in your eShop.
WooCommerce provides a lot of free security plugins those can take care your site. Moreover, you have the chance to use their premium features for more hands-on experience. E-commerce business owner always needs to purchase host from a reliable company. It can give you feel comfort to start with WooCommerce.
On the other side, Shopify provides you powerful security options.
Comparison Result: In term of security, Shopify gets more mark than WooCommerce.

9. Support:

Both WooCommerce and Shopify is ready to satisfy their customer for further needs. We’ve seen, as a free tool of WooCommerce, some forums, community, and social media group is ready to help other in any problem. They could help in various sector like setup, security or technical issue.

10. Pros & Cons

WooComerce Pros –
You can take user review and feedback easily with WooCommerce
Proper combination of product with similar items
Divided by name, date, department and other also as your wish
After all WooCommerce is free plugin and customizable to interact the customer.
Excellent user-friendly interface

WooCommerce Cons –
You have to buy web host separately, though you’ve to do it for one time only.

Shopify Pros –
Good Looking like WooCommerce
Free Webhost, though we’ve to buy their package
Easy to use like WooCommerce

Shopify Cons –
Shopify provides three products variations by size, color, and material. You can’t create additional products variations. On the other hand, WooCommerce offers us unlimited product variations.


Finally, Which is the Better for New E-commerce Business?
We already learned that it’s not easy to take a side during the fight against WooCommerce Vs. Shopify. I have only tried to tell my researched findings and marked my side. I found as WooCommerce is more reliable, user-friendly and customizable than Shopify. But my suggestion to you is, make a list of your requirements and then compare both. Then take your decision. It will take time, but you will be able to start with a perfect platform. If it helped you, my research would make me happy. I am eagerly waiting for your valuable opinion or analysis result (if you have any). Thanks in advance.

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