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XT Slider – A Customized Owl Carousel Slider Plugin

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XT Slider is Customized Owl Carousel slider. It is lightweight and easy to use to any site. We create this slider by using some free scripts like Owl Carousel, Animate.css, Wow JS, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome.

If you are looking for any free slider for using to your client project or any premium theme, this slider can be helpful for you.


Follow the instruction below to know how to use this customized Owl Carousel slider, I will give the download link of this slider below the post as well.

Adding the CSS files:
Add the following code to your HTML head.


Adding the JS files:
Add the following code just below the body close tag.


The HTML markup:
Put the following HTML markup inside the body tag, you can download the full slider with the images, there is a download link below to download the slider.


The CSS Code for the slider:
You can create a CSS file and put the following code there. You have to link that CSS file in the head, just like the other CSS files.


Initiate the slider:
Put the following code inside a script tag just before the body close tag.

Download the Slider:

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If you want to use this Slider to your commercial projects, make sure you give us a credit 🙂
Huge thanks in advance 🙂

Download The Slider

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